Chippy the Bear vs The Lumber Ninjacks

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I made a lot of the props and the cardboard set for this here fun video directed by Marcus Matyas and Branden Bratuhin. Music by Danielle Duval.

Ford Klockwerk

I tried to get Ford to name a van after my boss in return for an ad….didn’t happen (yet!)

Dr. Hykell and Mr. Pride (the Process)

This is a 5 part “redirection” of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, where a well respected ass tries to become nice.

This is a silent film told with actual footage of the 1941 classic combined with old videos around the same era. I’ve used various images as symbolism to get the characters emotions across to the viewer.

music by the talented Davey James.


Klock on Wheels

This is a quick lil vid documenting Roger Wood’s famous klock on wheels

Little Vampires

This is a post traumatic stress exercise after being double teamed by bedbugs and a breakup.

Another Dimension

spawned from multiple metaphorical funerals that have occurred in my life,  it’s creation and completion has lead to a regenerating rebirth of sorts. The main night of shooting was intense but i’m unbelievably glad i pushed through it.


Posters – by Peter Katz

I got to make a 30×20 foot poster for this video…not to mention paint Peter. This is directed by Tim Martin of Raining Thoughts

I also got to remix Posters and edited the making of the video.

Plight of the Bumble Bee


i’m just a lonely floral inspector
a slight breeze carried your scent to my receptor
you exude a warmth which compels me to your nectar
ultraviolet light guides me to your center

not all bees are created equally
i won’t get with just any honey
i trust the wind to guide me
but i’ll hoist my sails and search for thee

you’re blowing on my sails, you’re blowing on my sails
why won’t the wind blow me to you

she’s got a flower in her hair,
pardon while i stare,
she’s got a flower in her hair

one of the rarest flowers ever seen
i wanted to spell it out but i didn’t want a scene
you transformed this stinger into a singer
but the wind took you before i could even linger

why won’t the wind blow me to you


Where The Wild Things Aren’t

Published in Pilot Magazine III, The Larry H Paterson collective thought it could use some life so we gave birth to a song and a basic animation, possibly prematurely. so nurture it. it needs love.


In Flew Enza

This was my first buggetless short film so go easy on me. Originally intended as an animation it sat in the NFB’s maybe pile too long so LHP decided to just go ahead and make it with puppets. The NFB was kind enough to lend me an edit suit. 



In Flew Enza (the movie)

Some one left the window open and in flew Enza. Panda Mick fears a pandemic. It’s up to you and Professor Who to beat the avian flu and disarm natures answer to weapons of mass destruction.

warning: You’ll have to excuse the preachy content, the collective had just read wayyy too much about factory farming and was feeling disturbed. We have no problem against eating meat, just not so much that factory farms need to exist.

Nude E Bomb

Radiohead had a remix contest and a animation contest going on for the song Nude at the same time. After spending most of my time on the song i learned basic flash the last day the video was due…so go easy on me.